HI  :)
I have been a customer of your for almost 4 years and I have to say that
your products are top of the line.  My son still uses the blanket you made
for him 4 years ago. It has been washed, dragged, stepped on, spilled on,
used in sickness and in health and it still looks the same way it did when I
took it out of the box.  We have a blanket, a vest, a lap pad, a  weighted
plush monkey and all of them have stood the test of time.
However, my son has gotten taller and i am in need of a new blanket for
him.  He really digs both Spiderman and star wars.  Do you happen to
have any prints in either of those? I am looking at buying a size C blanket
(the one that goes tho the edge of a twin size bed) at approx 7 lbs.
Thank you for your time!
Crystal - a very satisfied customer.
I have to say Thank You!
     We just received our weighted blankets for our sons today and they look great. I have to
say that I think you are awesome!  I was impressed to begin with over your website - very nice,
neat, appealing, easy to navigate, very informative. Because fo your information and actually
the name of your site is why I chose to buy our blankets from you.
After I made the initial purchase, which was easy, I was impressed when you called to inform
me of the defect in fabric and to offer another fabric choice. My son choose dinosaurs if the
eagle fabric he picked could not be found.  As a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, flexibility is a
challenge for him and interests an be obsessive so I can honestly say I was concerned about
his reaction, even though I did my best to prepare him for the possibility of no eagles if you
couldn’t find and eagle pastern for his blanket.
     Not only did you find an eagle pattern, but i know you hunted to find “the“ eagle pattern
he  had requested.  I was absolutely amazed that you took that much time, care and effort in
order to please him.  When he saw his blanket this afternoon he was sooo excited he popped
around the room!  Earlier today he had been talking to his OT about his blanket being on the
way and that you were looking for an eagle pattern but kindly tole her he may have to get
dinosaurs.  When we got home there it was!
     All I have to say is thank you!  O have already been telling our PT and OT and anyone
else we can think of about your company.  Many Thanks, Heather ————
     Brightest Blessings and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!  I just
wanted to thank you for my wonderful blanket. My husband ordered one
for me for Christmas. (He wants to send his gratitude as well since you
went above and beyond to get my blanket to me for Christmas morning
to give to me.          The past 2 nights have been the most restful sleep I
have had in years!  My body just relaxes under the weight.  Since being
diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost 7 years ago, I  have been searching
for something other than pharmaceuticals to help mitigate my pain….
and your amazing blanket has.  Now to order another for the couch since
trying to carry it up and down the stairs is a bit much for me.
Carla R
We received the weighted blanket I had ordered for my son yesterday.  Thank you so much for all
the work you put into it.  It is perfect.   —— told me this morning he had never  had a better nights
sleep than he did last night.  He is 12 years old and suffers from Aspergers.  I just wanted to let
you know it was recited and very much worth every penny I spent on it.
Thank you sooooo much for the fast shipping of my sons blanket.  We just
received it and love it I thought it would take much longer to get here.  And
your price was great compared to other places we shopped around at!
Thanks sooo much
Jessica ———-
I just received my weighted blanket today.  I am so ridiculously happy with it.  I’ve been passing it
around throughout our office building, and there is a lot of interested people.  I have passed on the
seaside to my colleagues.
Thank you so much.  It’s beautiful and my client is going to adore it.
You just helped one young lady immensely.
——-    Communication and Behavior Coordinator   ——-Inc.
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