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TL6W 10 Pounds
TL3W 7 Pounds
TL8W 18 Pounds
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SALE!.... 159.50 - 143.95   
TL1  143.95
TL6  143.95
TL5  143.95
TL4  143.95
TL3  143.95
TL2  143.95
TL9  143.95
TL7  143.95
TL8  143.95
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About our Weighted Blankets;
Salt of the Earth Weighted Blankets are 100% cotton
fabric weighted with safe, cool, and natural fine grade
stone that is clean and has no chemicals, plastic
beads or fleece. Made in America.
These Sale Weighted Blankets are finished all but
sewing in the weight. Some are already weighted and
ready to ship.
There is only one available of each item shown.  
Please do not order multiples of one item.  Thank you.